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    How To Install

    Installation is quick, easy and will take only minutes!

    Step 1: Clean the helmet surface. Remove any debris to ensure the best stick! 

    Step 2: Find the perfect place to stick your lights on to. These lights look great anywhere, so let your creativity take over!


    Step 3: Next, peel off a portion of the thin paper on the back of the LEDs to reveal the adhesive side. Begin sticking it on to your helmet in the desired spot. Once you do that, peel of the remaining thin paper (pressing as you peel) and stick the rest of the light on.


    Step 4: Use double sided tape to attach the battery case to your helmet. Alternatively, you can clip the case on to your helmet, or any other gear such as a backpack. 


    Step 5: Hit the power button on the battery case, and enjoy!

    Free US Shipping

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    Limetime Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty On Every Purchase

    Money-Back Guarantee

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